Ever Green introduces itself as an experienced firm of a consultant contractor in the field of gardening. Ever Green is associated with experienced Architects and Horticulturists to render its services for consultant/contractor for creating new landscapes/maintenance of the existing landscapes.

Ever Green has successfully designed, developed and maintained vast industrial/commercial landscapes and large residential gardens all over India since last 30 years.

As based in western India,  ever green has developed expertise in developing landscapes in most adverse and extreme tropical climatic conditions. With decades of experience ever green has mastered the art of creating exclusive out door, indoor and terrace gardens.

The Involvement of ever green during a landscape development is beyond scope.

While designing a landscape ever green considers the regional climatic conditions. Beyond adding beauty to your environment a well designed landscape keeps your environment shady and cool in summer and sunny and warm in winter, thus reducing your cooling and heating costs.



Ever green prepares landscape layouts with different options considering the requirements and budget of the client. Ever green takes great care during landscape execution. It takes efforts to select best materials like good quality garden soil, manure, organic fertilizers, healthy plants and lawn.

Land Shaping

Land shaping is the most important and basic procedure of the landscape development work. Minute care is taken by its highly skilled labor staff to get the best effects of constituents of landscapes like flat levels, slopes, smooth mounds, plateaus and hillocks. It develops low budget landscapes by selecting plants species which can adapt to the available habitat.


It also executes low maintenance landscapes taking into consideration the quality of the available water and soil. Draught tolerant and salinity tolerant species of plants are selected for areas having scarcity of water. To achieve outstanding result with a limited consumption of water, ever green suggests and promotes drip irrigation and sprinkler systems for development and maintenance of landscapes which saves precious water and reduces the maintenance cost.


To maintain high standards of maintenance regular meetings with clients are organized at the site to monitor rapid development. All the daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and annual maintenance operations such as irrigating and weeding lawn/shrubs, soil working the shrubs beds, trimming the lawn, pruning the shrubs/trees, applying fertilizers/pesticides and dressing the lawn are carried out as required.

With its expertise and experience ever green converts dream vision into a pleasant, green reality.


At Ever Green, we are focused on providing the best services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us.


Ever Green offers landscape designing services on a consulting basis.

Preparation of conceptual landscape development proposals and discussing the same with the client.

Preparation of final landscape development proposal incorporating suggestions modifications made by the client.

Preparation of necessary working drawing.

Develops landscape on a turnkey contract basis.

Ever Green executes the following constituents of landscapes with its highly skilled labor staff.

Ever Green develops :

– Lawns, hillocks, shrub beds, green belt trees.

-Water bodies and aquatic plants.

-Organic vegetable garden.

-Organic and exotic culinary herbs.

– Produces organic fertilizer from garden waste.

Big trees transplantation service.

Ever Green offers professional service to relocate big trees.

Ever Green installs the basic requirements for a vertical garden.

Ever Green creates green walls

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